Thursday, 1 September 2016

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Mech-Combat Sports Game RIGS Has Single-Player, Too

By: Emmanuel Peter On: 08:39
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    Guerrilla Cambridge's RIGS: Mechanized Combat League was an early PlayStation VR favorite of mine; so early, in fact, the device was still called "Project Morpheus" back when I previewed the game. 

    To date, it has largely been billed as a multiplayer mech-based arena sports title, but as we learned from the studio today, there's also going to be a single-player component. More meat on the bones.

    "In Career Mode, you and your team of AI pilots rise through the leagues as you defeat other teams, earn fame and fortune, and gain access to new Rigs and pilots," says Guerrilla's Samrat Sharma. 

    "In total, there are 24 unique Rigs to unlock, each with their own style of play. While climbing the ranks in Career Mode you will also impress sponsors and obtain exclusive sponsorship deals, liveries, and pilot outfits."

    I keep going back and forth on whether or not I'll get a PlayStation VR during the launch window in October, but if I do, RIGS will probably be up for serious consideration. 

    Knowing the game isn't multiplayer-only makes it that much more compelling.


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