Wednesday, 17 August 2016

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Open Beta For Titanfall 2 Announced, Trailer Unveiled

By: Emmanuel Peter On: 07:19
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    There are only a few more days until the open beta for Titanfall 2 begins. Why not check out the trailer to pump yourself up?

    The Titanfall 2 "Open Multiplayer Tech Test" will be running from August 19 to the 21st on PS4 and Xbox One (sorry, PC gamers). This will feature two modes and two maps. 

    The modes are Bounty Hunt, a 5v5 variant that features AI-controlled bots, and Pilots vs Pilots, an 8v8 mode with only players.

    A second weekend of testing will run from August 26 to the 28th. This will include everything from the first weekend along with an additional map and mode. 

    Amped Hardpoint will take center stage; the mode will be a new 6v6 gametype that allows players to "amp" up control points to double their score.

    Titanfall 2 launches in October, so the wait isn't too long. Hopefully people stick around this time.


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