Saturday, 13 August 2016

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Pokémon Go Players Are Breaking Gyms With An Egg Glitch

By: Emmanuel Peter On: 16:59
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  • Pokemon Go Egg

    Eggs aren’t supposed to do anything in Pokémon Go, other than eventually produce a new baby critter.

    Some players, however, are taking advantage of a new exploit that forces eggs to mess with the entire game.

    Reports around the web are circulating that some players are finding unbeatable gyms. Somehow, players have figured out how to station eggs as gym leaders. 

    The thing is, eggs have no moves, and they have no HP. According to players, once an egg goes up on a gym, it cannot be defeated or dethroned. 

    The egg just stays there, and can continue to amass defender benefits to whatever jerk put it up. Players currently cannot do anything about egg gyms.