Tuesday 16 August 2016

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Lost Game Boy Color Game Uncovered After 15 Years

By: Unknown On: 10:47
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  • Game Boy Color Ininity

    At E3 2001, Affinix Software debuted an RPG by the title of Infinity. The game was in the vein of classic Final Fantasy titles and looked to be a rather engrossing experience. 

    Due to the impending launch of the Game Boy Advance, however, Infinity was eventually cancelled and the developer closed its doors.

    Flash forward to 2016 and it seems the game has risen from the grave. In the first update in nine years, the Affinix blog explains a little of what this released ROM has:

    "Today we are pleased to announce the release of Infinity for Game Boy Color in unfinished form! We've made a ROM file available, as well as the source code. The game is in mostly the same state as it was when we stopped developing it in 2001, but with some recent polishing (bugfixes, missing assets added, typos corrected, etc). The ROM is configured to end about a quarter of the way through, before you encounter any incomplete areas, and thus we've labeled it as a preview."

    This reminds me of Volition releasing the unfinished Saints Row PSP title. It's really neat to have scrapped games be released to the world. Having insight into the development process reveals how far we've come in this industry.

    If you're up to try Infinity, you can head on over to the Affinix blog and give it a download. The only thing it will cost you is time.

    Gameboy Color Game 15 Years in the Making Finally Sees the Light of Day [NintendoLife]


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